About Us

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Majestea Marketing- The name is deliberately spelled like that- we hope that you get why.

We believe that tea is the key to positivitea, and that all great things begin with tea.
So, we are a tea-m of marketing enthusiasts out here, to help your brand win the market in the most majestic manner. We are no big college dropouts that suddenly got the enthusiasm to make it big- we are a very basic and normal bunch of workaholics that survive on tea and just tea!
Not to forget that we only got two addictions- Tea and Marketing!
We want you to leave your marketing decisions on us, and focus on your core business better. Be it implementing ERP for you, developing a website and managing the social media marketing, our creative team will sit with you and come up with solutions best for you.


To help businesses make a significant digital presence and establish their brand image along with helping them in their internal organization with ERP.


To serve every client with the most sincere creativity and ethics.

Our Majestic team is dedicated to providing result-oriented digital services, delivering thorough marketing solutions based on your requirements. The team majestically combines the influence of innovation, technology, marketing, and result metrics to make exceptional digital transformations. As your digital consultant, we will be ensuring that your brand image is never brought out negatively. We will analyse your audience and then plan your digital footprints accordingly. Also, we pledge our utmost dedication and creativity to the very heart of your businesses. We will be available to you like your in-house employee, with better and tested ideas to rule the industry.